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This is the last part of getting prepped for tomorrow morning. I am making my debut as an exhibitor for the New Hampshire Conference for Women here in Manchester. This group of wonderful, extraordinary supportive women will come together as only we can, to learn, to be inspired, to do business with each other. We do this every November, and it’s been a year in the making, and tomorrow is a promise fulfilled.

In the past year, I’ve noticed a shift in where my professional time and energy was being spent. I found myself meeting with other business owners (usually over coffee) to discuss how I can help them with their businesses. Their message was the sameā€¦ I know I need to do something, but I’m already so overwhelmed with my day to day operations. I don’t know where to start. Usually, that’s followed by a sigh and a look of hopelessness.

Throughout my career, I have been told by many people in different circumstances that I am not singularly left or right brained, but rather both. I’ve kept a list of the people and circumstances that have told me that, and when you hear the same story (or versions thereof) enough, you finally accept that this is your truth. I look at it as being a translator – one who speaks both languages.

This website, and tomorrow’s exhibitor table, are about my embracing my talents and working with what truly are my gifts. Finally…trust me when I tell you that I’m a work in process. Many of the lessons I have learned – and will learn in the future are as a result of running my own business. The process now expands to working with small businesses who know they the need help with marketing and social media.

If you’re wondering where the coffee theme on this site comes from, I assure you it’s not an accident. Every one of the clients who I’ve worked with in the past 6 months started with a cup of coffee, and a story.

So that’s a little bit of what my story is…what’s your story?

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