October 2015

Welcome to the 'Extreme Makeover' edition of my website.  This latest version allows me to update the content and to take the website in a direction I've wanted to go for a while now.  Over the past several years, I've worked with small business owners to develop marketing strategies which  allow them to grow their businesses. 

Linda 2013 Headshot by Janet FB

Sofa decorated with cushions two cups on a table and green plant.

Social media can be a powerful tool to use in those strategies, but what I find in talking with people is that it's an overwhelming topic to tackle on your own, piled on top of an already staggering workload.  Social media is a tool to be used in Storytelling - making your company/service/product stand out from the others - just like other promotional tools.

I've learned how these tools work by watching, reading, and listening to the best of class experts out there.  I've used them to take my creative arts business - now branded as Onequiltingcircle.com - to new levels of Success.

Two paper cup of coffee to go on a table with coffee beans

From Stock Snap io

So you might be wondering as you read this - what's with the photography on the site? Well, I needed to find a way to make a distinction between the quilt site and this one.

Many of the meetings I've had with clients have started with coffee - in shops, cars, airports, their home offices, my home offices - and it's a theme that resonates with many.

It's part of my story.