I  love helping people to reach their goals with their business, and I've been doing that for most of my professional life. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a small business owner, I have some  strategies that I can help you use to gain more customers, work less hours, make more money -  or all three.

I can help you use  the single most important tool in your toolbox to make the single most expensive internet asset work harder for you every single day, with

Great Marketing Content!



I've used email marketing extensively in my business over the past several years, and I've partnered with Constant Contact because I love the way they have taken care of my business with their world class products and services. Their platform makes bringing social media into my newsletters almost seamless, and has let my storytelling take center stage.  Here's what one of my readers took the time to say about Cornerstones, my bi-weekly newsletter for quilters: 

"Your mailings helped make last winter bearable.  I must say that this issue of Cornerstones
is outstanding! The format is really good; your writing is clear.  I heard you speak once at the
NEQM, & so I can hear your voice as I read it.  Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you!"
...Sarah Lewis
To find out more about how Constant Contact and I can help you with your email marketing needs - including where to get started, please click on the link below. 

Sometimes clients have all or most all of the pieces of the marketing puzzle collected, but they need some help with putting the pieces together. Other times, we start with a blank page, and the question - where do you want to take your business?  Here's what one of my current clients has to say - and we've had some of the best (and most unusual) coffee meetings ever. 

I would like to share something special with all of you. I met a while back…Linda Pearl… from Facebook. She is a powerhouse of information. I met Linda in person and had lunch with her one day and she gave me some very solid advice about moving forward in my business plan…within a few weeks of making the changes public and a little bit of networking, I received 3 contacts to teach. Linda knows her stuff.

...Sally Johnson

If you are ready to take some action to move your business forward, I' love to help you achieve your goals. Please click on the link below to connect with me  - even if we're having coffee in different time zones.

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